Intl Conf on the Logic of Soft Computing
and 5th workshop of the ERCIM working group of Soft Computing
Málaga, Sep 13 - 15, 2006

(Satellite event of the Intl Congress of Mathematicians 2006)

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Soft computing is an association, more complementary than competitive, of computing methodologies centering on fuzzy logic, neurocomputing, genetic computing, and probabilistic computing. One of the principal aims of soft computing is to provide a foundation for the conception, design and application of intelligent systems employing its member methodologies symbiotically rather than in isolation.

The aim of the conference and the workshop is to bring together active researchers interested in all aspects concerning Soft Computing to discuss current research, results, problems and applicacions of both a theoretical and practical nature. The 2006 edition of these events will be organized by the Dept. of Applied Mathematics of the University of Málaga.

Selected papers in the previous edition have been selected for publication in special issues of Fuzzy Sets and Systems and Soft Computing journals. Our intention is to continue this policy and edit a special issue with extended versions of selected papers.