Current work


  • Linear algebra, Health Engineering.
  • Algebraic structures in Computer Science, Computer Engineering.
  • Logic-based Systems and Services, Master of Computer Science.

Main Researcher of the following Projects (last 3 years):

  • FACTS: Fuzzy Algebraic Computational Techniques for the Society
    Ministry of Science and Innovation, project TIN15-70266-C2-P-1 (until Dec 31, 2018)
  • Mathematical Foundations of Non-Canonical Reasoning
    Junta de Andalucía, Project of Excellence P09-FQM-5233 (until Feb 3, 2014)

Researcher of the following Projects (last 3 years):

  • Network of Excellence: Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing
    Ministry of Science, project TIN14-56381-REDT (until Dec 31, 2017)
  • FOREST: FOrmal REasoning for Sustainability
    Ministry of Science, project TIN12-39353-C04-01 (until Dec 31, 2015)
  • GIMAC: Applied Mathematics in Computing. Plan Andaluz de Investigación, proyecto TIC-115

Keynote/Plenary talks

  • Keynote speaker of SFLA’17, III Summer School on Fuzzy Logic and Applications, Jul 17-20, 2017, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
  • Keynote speaker of ESTYLF’16, Spanish Symposium on Fuzzy Logic and Technology, May 25-27, 2016, San Sebastián, Spain.
  • Keynote speaker of ESCIM’16, European Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Mathematics, Oct 5-8 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Keynote speaker of FUZZ-IEEE’15, Intl Conf on Fuzzy Systems, Aug 2-5 2015, Istanbul, Turkey.

Membership in Editorial Boards of journals and Programme Committees of conferences (last 12 months)

  • Programme Committee Member of JELIA’16, European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence, 9-11 nov, 2016, Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Programme Committee Member of CoDIT’17, Intl Conf on Control, Decision and Information Technologies, 5-7 april 2017, Barcelona
  • Programme Committee Member of ICFCA’17, Intl Conf on Formal Concept Analysis, 12-16 june 2017, Rennes, France
  • Programme Committee Member of IWANN’17, Intl Work-Conf. on Artificial Neural Networks, 14-16 june 2017, Cádiz, Spain
  • Programme Committee Member of IWINAC’17, Intl Work-Conf. on Interplay between Natural and Artificial Computation, 19-23 june 2017, Coruña
  • Programme Committee Member of IFSA-SCIS’17, World Congress of International Fuzzy Systems Association - Intl Conf on Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems, 27-30 june 2017, Otsu, Japan
  • Programme Committee Member of ICMMI’17, Intl Conf on Man-Machine Interaction, 3-6 octubre 2017, Barcelona
  • Programme Committee Member of ESCIM’17, European Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Mathematics, Oct 4-7 2017, Faro, Portugal
  • Programme Committee Member of CoDIT’18, Intl Conf on Control, Decision and Information Technologies, 10-13 april 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Programme Committee Member of CLA’18 Intl Conf Concept Lattices and their Applications, Olomouc, Czech Republic, Jun 12-15, 2018
  • Programme Committee Member of IJCAI’18 Intl Joint Conf on Artificial Intelligence, Stockholm, Sweden, Jul 13-19, 2018


  • Measures of inconsistency, and existence of fuzzy stable models in a residuated framework, by Nicolás Madrid. Defended on June 22, 2011, Summa cum laude, and awarded Best 2011 PhD thesis by the European Society of Fuzzy Logic and Technology, EUSFLAT.

Organizing International Conferences (last 12 months)

Long term projects

  • MANUEL: Mathematical Applications of Natural, Universal and Equilibrium Logics
  • LYDIA: Linear Yoneda Diagrams for Independence Analysis
  • RUBEN: Reduced Universality Based on Extended Normalization